New Magnetic Sleep Mask, Magnetic Chair Pad, and MagDuo Coming Soon

Nikken Magnetic Sleep MaskNikken has upgraded a lot of their products in the past several months, and that is going to continue in August.

So far we have the new PiMag Waterfall with better water filtration and higher alkalinity, the Kenko PowerChip with a deeper penetrating magnetic field thanks to the DynaFlux magnetic technology, the new Naturest magnetic travel pillow and its SpyderRAM magnetic technology, and the KenkoAir purifier with ULPA air filtration technology.

All of these new products far exceed the capabilities of the items that they replaced, which were already very good to start with.

Next month Nikken is going to release three enhanced versions of current products – the Kenko PowerSleep Mask, the KenkoSeat II, and the Kenko MagDuo.

Kenko PowerSleep Mask

The previous sleep mask has already been discontinued and sold out, so I know a lot of people are looking forward to the new Kenko PowerSleep Mask. From what I have heard from the people who have already had the opportunity to use it, it is very comfortable and breathable. One of the issues I had with the old sleep mask was that I would sweat under it. It didn’t breathe at all. They say that isn’t going to be an issue with this one.

The magnetic nodes in the new PowerSleep mask will use the DynaFlux technology that was introduced with the PowerChip back in December. The mask also incorporates Nikken’s other technologies for added comfort and relaxation.

KenkoSeat II

Nikken Magnetic Chair PadThe new KenkoSeat II magnetic chair pad replaces the current magnets with the new SpyderRAM nodes that were introduced with the Naturest magnetic travel pillow back in March. It also replaces the artificial foam pads with 100% pure natural latex foam.

I had a lot of questions about the SpyderRAM magnetic technology when Nikken introduced it in the new travel pillow. The pictures made it look very rigid and I thought it would break easily. I have since had a chance to see the SpyderRAM nodes in person and they are very flexible. They are not going to break.

What I like about the SpyderRAM nodes is that they spread the magnets a little farther apart than in the RAM nodes that they were based on. This spreads the magnetic field out more so that you get better coverage. The flexible arms in the nodes allow the magnets to move a little and conform more to your body to focus the magnetic energy where it is needed.

I love my current KenkoSeat magnetic chair pad. I think the new one is going to be even better.

What is a MagDuo?

Nikken Magnetic Massage BallsThe MagDuo enhances and replaces the Magboy. The Magboy is a Nikken icon and if you don’t already know what they are, they are a pair of magnetic massage balls. People spin the balls near their head to release discomfort there. They work great to relieve tension in the shoulders, arms, and legs. I believe they are absolutely essential for any massage therapist (I can say that because I am one).

The new MagDuo looks kind of cool. The magnetic nodes have been replaced with DynaFlux nodes like in the PowerSleep mask and the Kenko PowerChip. The magnetic fields from the nodes will penetrate much deeper make the MagDuo much more effective than the Magboy.

I have heard that they will all be available in August, so leave me a comment below and I will let you know when they are available.

UPDATE 11/1/2012 The MagDuo, PowerSleep Mask and KenkoSeat II are all available now along with the new MagFlex and purple PowerBands.

Wayne Woodworth

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  1. Solange Umo says:

    Very exciting news!! Can’t wait until they come out in Europe too!

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