Do You Need to See Studies To Believe Something Works?

Medical StudiesI received an email yesterday from a guy telling me that I should reconsider my association with Nikken because he doesn’t like the scientific studies, or lack of scientific studies, that prove the effectiveness of their products.

He said that I need to look at third party studies, ones not performed by Nikken. To my knowledge Nikken has never published a study themselves to prove the effectiveness of their products. They can’t use them if they did.

Nikken’s products are not registered as medical devices and most of the distributors are not doctors. Therefore we cannot use clinical studies to market the products. Even if the study is repeated 100 times by 100 different scientists and is verified beyond any shred of a doubt, citing a study constitutes a medical claim and medical claims violate the FDA’s rules.

That is why you will never see Nikken cite a clinical study to verify the effectiveness of their products.

The email goes on to warn me about the placebo effect and anecdotal evidence. There are many people who use Nikken’s magnetsic products on animals, especially horses, with amazing results. Animals aren’t subject to the placebo effect like we are, so there goes the placebo effect out the window.

We can’t use anecdotal evidence much more than we can use scientific studies because we cannot make medical claims about the products. Recent FTC and FCC rules restrict our ability to use testimonials too, so I don’t do much with anecdotal evidence either.

Still, I think anecdotal evidence is the best evidence because it comes from real people who are using the products in real life situations. You can’t get that in a lab.

I am hearing more and more about how a lot of scientific studies are being doctored if not completely fictitious, so you can’t really trust the studies anyway. Even if there is a completely true, honest, verified study, it doesn’t mean that you will get the same results.

What I can say about magnets and Nikken’s other technologies is that they will not cause harm, which cannot be said about other more mainstream choices. Also, Nikken has been making magnetic products for more than 35 years. A company will not stay in business for 35 years if their products do not work.¬†Of course, they do not work the same for everyone because everyone is different and has different circumstances. I use the products myself and I firmly believe in them. That’s enough for me to feel very good about recommending these products to people.

Learn more about Nikken’s products here.

Wayne Woodworth

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