Where Do Magnets Get Their Power?

Power through alignmentWe know that magnets have the ability to affect the human body in powerful ways. Where do magnets get their power?

The power comes from alignment.

The power of alignment shows up over and over in the world. Take a look at the air.  When you get all of the air in an area all flowing in the same direction you get wind. If it is very focused then it becomes very powerful. If it happens in an unharnessed way, it could be a tornado or hurricane. It is very destructive, but very powerful none the less. If harnessed properly, it can be used by wind turbines to create electricity.

The same thing goes for water. When it is all flowing in one direction, water becomes a very powerful force too. You’ve probably seen videos of flood water rushing down a river. Likewise, when we harness it properly, we can use it to generate electricity. People also used to use that power to grind corn and flour.

To create a magnet, you get all of the atoms in a block of iron all in alignment. In the air and water examples above we are talking about getting direction of flow in alignment. At normal temperatures, the molecules are flowing in a block of iron are not flowing, but they can align with each other and that alignment creates the magnetic properties. The more in alignment those molecules are, the stronger the magnetic field.

When you have all of these molecules in alignment, they exert an aligning influence on charged particles in their proximity. That is how we use magnets to generate electricity. It is also how magnets can influence the movement of energy in the human body.

One more example of the power of alignment appears with groups of people. When a group of people choose to have an alignment of purpose, they can generate an amazing power to influence events. That is the intent with protest events, but I’m thinking more of those group meditation experiments where 100 people meditating in an area can reduce crime rates and increase feelings of good will.

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It’s pretty amazing what some alignment can do.


photo credit: Magnetic Fields – 12 via photopin (license)

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  1. Nadine says:

    The process is well on it’s way! I will be sure to message you when I have my PWP up and running! Yippee! Thanks for your wise words!

  2. Nadine says:

    Interesting post, Wayne! I’m excited to learn more about how alignment can affect life-force!

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