How Does Nikken Decide How Long a Water Filter Is Good?

Have you ever wondered how Nikken determines the recommended replacement schedule for their water filter cartridges?

Like me at times, you may have thought that it was based solely on how much money Nikken wanted to make off of them.

That seems true when you consider that they recommended that you replace the water filter cartridges in the Aqua Pour every six months and now they recommend every three months for the PiMag Waterfall and the water bottle. If these water filters are so advanced, why do they have to be changed twice as often?

I had the opportunity to talk with Dave Balzer, Nikken’s product development guru, and he explained how the water filter cartridges are rated.

The replacement schedule is determined by how long the filter cartridge can continue to remove everything that they claim it can remove.

Here’s a hypothetical example.

You have a filter cartridge and you sell it claiming that it will remove chlorine, lead, and arsenic. Through your testing you determine that it can easily handle chlorine for a year, lead for six months, and arsenic for only 3 months. For you to claim that it removes all three chemicals, you have to recommend that your customers replace it every three months. If you only claimed chlorine and lead then you would recommend replacement every six months.

Nikken has big claims for the PiMag Waterfall and water bottle filters. Much more than what they claimed for the Aqua Pour. That is why the new water filters require replacement every three months instead of every six.

As a distributor of Nikken water filters I cannot recommend a different replacement schedule for you. What I can say is that my water comes from a well and I live away from large cities and industry, so I’m not as concerned about a lot of chemicals in my drinking water.

What does concern me is the taste from an unbalanced mix of minerals, mostly granite, in my water. I believe the Nikken water filters will handle that more easily than some of the other things, so I choose to replace my filter cartridges less often.

You need to change your filter cartridge more or less often based on your own concern for what might be in your water.

You can find all of Nikken water filtration systems and replacement components here.

Wayne Woodworth

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  1. Nadine says:

    This is a fantastic post- so real and logical. I was wondering how it worked with the filters. Thank you for sharing, Wayne!

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