Reports of Health Problems Linked to Chemicals Used in Mattresses

I saw a link to this article posted on Facebook yesterday.

Bed & Mattress Illness Report Page – Reports of health problems linked to chemicals used in mattresses.

The article talks about bedding materials that are made from petroleum-based chemicals and treated with more toxic flame-retardants. These chemicals leech out of the materials where you breathe them in all night.

It isn’t healthy.

Some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, weaken or damage the immune system and nervous system and cause autoimmune disorders.

There are 235 reports on that page from people who developed problems when they bought a new mattress. In many cases their conditions went away when they got rid of the mattress.

The Solution

The solution is easy. Get a mattress or mattress topper made from natural materials. Natural latex works better and is more resilient than most synthetic foams. It is also naturally resistant to microbes and dust mites.

You can also find mattresses that have outer coverings made of natural fiber blends that are naturally fire-retardant, so they don’t need to be doused with toxic chemicals.

Nikken’s Naturest mattress topper has all of these features and has magnets embedded in the surface to help you sleep deeper and wake up more rested.

Wayne Woodworth

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