Cool Side Effect of Organic Maqui Berries

CiagaV With Organic Wild-Harvested Maqui Berries

Nikken’s CiagaV is made from organic maqui berry, organic elderberry, organic blackberry, organic acai berry, organic grape seed extract and organic raspberry. Everything is organic and very high in antioxidants, especially anthocyanins.

This all has amazing benefits for the human body.

I found out this weekend that there was another amazing benefit from organic maqui berries.

I was in Orlando this weekend for a big Nikken convention put on by the consultant leadership, the Royal Diamonds. One of the speakers was Annie Eng, the lady who formulated Nikken’s CiagaV and Bergisterol.

Annie Eng told us about the maqui berry and the Mapuche Indians.

The maqui berry is a sacred food of the Mapuche Indians of Chile and Argentina. They harvest the berries wild and sell them to Nikken, and probably other companies as well. They take a limb of the tree, shake off all of the berries, then place the limb back under the tree so that it can return to the ground and nourish the tree.

The harvesting is all sustainable, so there won’t be any long term depletion.

We want our maqui berries to be certified organic, which means that the forest where they are harvested must be certified organic. I don’t know if this was done specifically for Nikken or not, and it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that by certifying the forest organic, the Mapuche’s forest is recorded as productive land by the Chilean government and cannot be re-purposed for forestry or other uses. The Mapuche Indians’ forest is now protected land.

We win by having access to the health benefits of organic maqui berries. The Mapuche Indians benefit from having their lands protected. It’s a win win.

You can find out more about Nikken’s CiagaV here.

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