Have You Seen Nikken’s New PowerBands?

Nikken PowerBandsNikken recently launched two new sets of magnetic jewelry.

One of them is the new Classic Collection which includes a new stainless steel bracelet for men and a new stainless steel bracelet, necklace, and earrings for women. They look great and provide magnetic benefits to the wearer. They are also a little bit pricey. You can find out more about them here.

Then there are the new PowerBands sports jewelry. There are two sizes of magnetic bracelets in either yellow or black and a magnetic necklace, also in either yellow or black. One of the complaints from women about the older sports bracelets were that they were too big and easily slipped off over their hand. In fact, I even met a few people who didn’t know that the opened. The “regular” sized PowerBand bracelet is perfect for them. The large bracelet is roughly the same size as the older magnetic sports bracelet and a good size for men’s wrists.

Another cool feature of the PowerBands is that they can be linked together to make longer ropes. For example, one of my Nikken friends has a large neck and the necklace fits like a choker. He adds one of the bracelets to the necklace so that it fits like a necklace should. Some people also link 2 or 3 necklaces together to make a belt to go around their waist. Finally, you can take two bracelets or necklaces and twist them together for added effect, both in appearance and magnetic benefit. This is what I have done and I really like it.

You can find out more about the PowerBands here, including a video about all of the new jewelry.

Here’s my standard disclaimer: I make no particular claims that these bracelets will provide any particular benefit for any particular condition. The FDA has not approved magnets for treating, curing, preventing, undoing, or obscuring any condition. If you need any of that then I strongly recommend that you see a qualified medical professional. I am also a Nikken distributor and the links in this post point to my magnetic jewelry page where I will make a little money if you buy anything. If you would also like to be able to make money by telling people about Nikken’s PowerBands, then please contact me here and I will tell you how to get started.

If you have already tried out Nikken’s magnetic jewelry then leave me a comment below and share your experience.

Wayne Woodworth

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One Response to Have You Seen Nikken’s New PowerBands?

  1. Michelle Woodworth says:

    These are great! They’re lightweight and you really don’t even notice that you have them on. I lost one of the old bracelets due to the clasp popping open. That’s not a risk with these. I have a bracelet and a necklace and wear them all the time. Our six year-old daughter loves her necklace. She tried it on the day they arrived and has been wearing it ever since.

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