CiagaV – My Personal Review

Nikken Ciaga JuiceThe bottom line for my family is that CiagaV could taste a little better, but it is so high in antioxidants that it is worth getting used to the flavor.

All of the hype from Nikken leading up to receiving my first bottle was that the taste was much better and that kids love it. I don’t know who’s kids they were talking to but mine prefer the old Ciaga which was much sweeter.

Fortunately, the flavor is very weak and easily covered up with something stronger like orange juice or apple juice, so that is how my kids take it. CiagaVĀ has a dark color so it definitely affects the color of orange juice, though not as noticably in apple juice.

My wife and I continue to drink it with our teaspoon of Jade GreenZymes stirred in and some PiMag water added to make enough to wash down the rest of our nutritional supplements.

Like I said before, the nutritional benefits of CiagaV are so extraordinary that it is worth getting used to the flavor.

Another thing that people often complain about with CiagaV is the price. The retail price for 2 bottles, 64 ounces total, is $99 US. The way it was explained to me was, go to the grocery store and try to buy these berries. Berries in general are expensive – blueberries, blackberrries, raspberries, if you can even find them. I have never seen three of the berries in CiagaV in a store – maqui berry, acai berry, and elderberry.

The maqui berry and acai berry have to be processed very quickly after they are picked or they will lose most of their nutritional content, so it isn’t even possible to get them into a store. Then add on top of that the fact that the berries in CiagaV are all organic.

With CiagaV you are getting pure, unadulterated, potent nutrition at a price that cannot be beat in any store.

So, there you have it. Try CiagaV yourself and let me know what you think in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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