Time Running Out for Free Shipping on Magnetic Sleep Systems

For the month of October 2010 Nikken is offering free shipping on the Naturest magnetic sleep systems. That makes for a very significant savings when you consider that the sleep system packs are already save you 10% compared to the prices of the individual items.

What is a Magnetic Sleep System

If you are here then you probably already know some of the benefits of sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad. Nikken’s sleep systems include the Naturest magnetic mattress pad, either the heavy or light magnetic comforter, and pillows. The twin pack has one pillow and the others include two.

While sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad is good, sleeping with the whole system is great. The mattress pad get magnetic energy beneath you and the comforter adds the energy on top to create a magnetic cocoon. The pillow completes the magnetic energy by adding it behind the neck.

More than Just Magnets

The Naturest Sleep System is more than just magnetic energy to help you sleep. The comforter also adds special energy to help keep you a comfortable temperature during the night. The pillows provide neck support and a soft place to lay your head.

As I said, this offer expires at the end of this month, just under a week from now. Nikken isn’t offering this with online orders, so to take advantage of it you will need to download an order form and fax it in. Click here to find out more about the components of the sleep system and download the order forms ( one for US and the other for Canada ). Feel free to contact me to help you fill out the order form and I can track it through Nikken for you.

Wayne Woodworth

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