Antioxidant Rich Foods

Nikken Antioxidant JuiceSome of the most antioxidant rich foods available to us are berries. The problem though is that they are very expensive unless you happen to have them growing wild nearby. You are still limited to when they are in season.

The ORAC ratings for fruits and vegetables measures their ability to neutralize free radicals in the body. For now, the most powerful antioxidant berry I have heard of is the maqui berry from Chile and Argentina in South America. According to the Hp Ingredients website, the maqui berry has an ORAC rating of 27,600 per 100 grams while the acai berry has a rating of 16,700 and blueberries are at 6,500.

It would be great to be able to get maqui berries and acai berries at the store, but that will never happen. Maqui and acai berries have to be processed within a day of when they are harvested or they will lose all of their benefits. So they are only available to us in the form of a juice. Acai has become pretty popular and common, but not the maqui berry juice.

When Nikken Ciaga first came on the market it contained pomegranate, noni berry, and goji berry juices and had one of the highest ORAC ratings of any juice available at that time. That was before acai and maqui were readily available to us. Over the years other juice blends have come along taking advantage of the new discoveries, which has left Ciaga behind.

On October 1, Nikken introduced a new formula for Ciaga with maqui berry, acai berry, elderberry, blackberry, raspberry, grade seed extract, and agave nectar. It is a potent blend with an ORAC rating of 1500 per ounce. That is the recommended serving size, just one ounce. The new formula is called CiagaV.

I still have 2 bottles of the old formula that I want to finish before I get the new CiagaV, but I did get a taste of it last night. The old Ciaga tastes too sweet to me so I always watered it down when I drank it. CiagaV doesn’t have that problem. It tastes good and isn’t so sweet. It will definitely be on my autoship for this month.

Have you tried CiagaV yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in a comment below then please share this out to your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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