My Cat Stole My Chair!

Magnetic Chair PadI like my Kenkoseat, and so does my cat.

While I still worked at a job I would use my Kenkoseat chair pad in my car then carry it into work with me every day. I also have an extra Kenkoseat that I bought so that I could loan it to people to try out. When I quit my job I just left my chair pad in my car because I spend more time in the car driving my kids to school and back.

We moved my office this past weekend and I decided to use the extra Kenkoseat in my office chair. I don’t need a demo anymore because I decided to build this business exclusively online, so it doesn’t make sense to have a pad sitting around unused.

My cat decided that he likes the Kenkoseat too. The first night he jumped up in my chair when I wasn’t using it and laid down. No big deal. The next morning though, when I got up to let him outside, he jumped up in the chair and settled in. He always wants to go outside in the morning. Last night I kicked him out of my chair so I could do some work and he just sat there on the corner of my desk and stared at me until I gave it back to him.

You may think that it has to do with the smell of the chair or that maybe he was used to sleeping in the chair when I wasn’t using it, but that isn’t the case. Before the chair pad, he would sleep in my chair (without the Kenkoseat) maybe once a month when the kids were particularly rowdy. The chair pad is almost brand new. I think I only ever loaned it out once for a day, so it doesn’t have much scent on it, and definitely not mine.

I guess you can’t get a better testimonial for magnets than an animal who prefers to lay on a magnetic pad.

You can get your pet a Kenkoseat here, or maybe one for yourself. Nikken also has a magnetic pet pad that I’m going to see if my cat will settle for.

Do you have an animal that has experienced magnets? Tell me about it in a comment below and please share this with your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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  1. I brought another chair into the office and put the pet pad in it. It seems to work well for my cat because he’s laying on it and snoring.

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