Magnetic Chair Pad

Nikken Black Friday Free Shipping Nikken is offering free shipping on the first order you place this weekend. I’m offering a 10% discount on top of that. Enter the word friday in the promotion code box during checkout. This is good until 11:59PM on Sunday.

From executives to truck drivers, from students to computer operators, today’s men and women spend more of their time sitting than ever before. Nikken has designed a unique product that delivers consistent support and comfort. The KenkoSeat® II features the same natural latex foam core that gives the Naturest magnetic mattress topper its exceptional qualities of comfort, breathability, and ventilation. Designed with specially placed SpyderRAM magnets and a nylon cover, KenkoSeat II is comfortable in all seasons.

The magnets are arranged with 3 SpyderRAM units placed vertically in the seat back and 2 of them side by side in the seat bottom. There are 5 magnets in each SpyderRAM unit for a total of 25 magnets.

You can order the Nikken KenkoSeat magnetic chair pad here.

Nikken Day Pack The KenkoSeat is also available as part of the new Vital Day Pack that you can see here.

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