Magnetic Chair Pad

From executives to truck drivers, from students to computer operators, today’s men and women spend more of their time sitting than ever before. Nikken has designed a unique product that delivers consistent support and comfort. The KenkoSeat® II features the same natural latex foam core that gives the Naturest magnetic mattress topper its exceptional qualities of comfort, breathability, and ventilation. Designed with specially placed SpyderRAM magnets and a nylon cover, KenkoSeat II is comfortable in all seasons.

The magnets are arranged with 3 SpyderRAM units placed vertically in the seat back and 2 of them side by side in the seat bottom. There are 5 magnets in each SpyderRAM unit for a total of 25 magnets.

Note: The KenkoSeat is also available as part of the new Vital Day Pack that you can see here.

You can order the Nikken KenkoSeat magnetic chair pad here.

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