Magnetic Insoles for Shoes Make for Happy Feet

Magnetic insoles for shoes take care of your feet throughout the days so that they don't feel so tired and sore at the end of the day.Magnetic insoles for shoes are probably the most obvious and well known of Nikken’s magnetic products. They were the first item that Nikken released when they were founded back in the mid 1970’s in Japan. The magnetic insoles have been around for a long time and they have been improved a few times over the years. They still represent the core of what Nikken does.

Until recently, the Magsteps were the most popular magnetic insoles for shoes. They had large bumps on one surface and were smooth on the other. Nikken has phased them and the Magstrides (a thicker pair of magnetic insoles with a little bit of cushion) out over the past few years and is replacing them with the mSteps and mStrides. The new magnetic insoles have more powerful magnetic nodes and mostly insignificant bumps. They are more of a texture now.

Do Magnetic Insoles for Shoes Work?

The first question people ask when talking about magnetic insoles is, “Do they work?”.  The great thing about magnets is that it is easy to prove if they do for you or not.  You put them in your shoes and you either feel something or you don’t.  It’s that simple.

Back when I started out as a distributor I would take a pair of magnetic insoles to events and demonstrate them on people. I don’t do that anymore because I no longer feel the need to convince people that they work. I wear them in my own shoes when I go out and, since I don’t wear shoes when I’m at home, I have a pair sitting on the floor in front of my chair to rest my feet on while I’m working.

When I Used to Demonstrate the Magnetic Insoles

When I demonstrated the insoles to people I usually did one of two things.  To show people how magnets and magnetic insoles can make them stronger I used applied kinesiology, or muscle testing.  Basically, I had them stand in front of me with one arm stretched out to the side at shoulder height and their hand balled into a fist.  I pushed down on their wrist with two fingers and had them resist.  Without the insoles under their feet most people are usually pretty weak.  Then I had them stand on the insoles and repeat the procedure.  Most people were amazed at how much stronger they were with the insoles.

The Stability Test

I found the second demonstration more interesting.  I had the person sit on the front edge of a chair with their feet flat on the floor and their arms together stretched straight out in front of them.  This time I pushed up while they resisted.  In most cases their feet came up off the floor as they tipped back in the chair.  Then I put the insoles under their feet and repeated the process.  This time their feet stayed flat on the ground. To further prove that the insoles were the cause, I would take one insole away and repeat the test again.  This time the foot with the insole stayed on the ground and the foot without the insole came up.

I don’t think either demonstration did much to show you how they would work for you on a regular basis. What they did show was that the magnetic insoles did have an effect, which is what mattered.

What Do Magnetic Insoles for Shoes Do?

Magsteps Magnetic Insoles for ShoesI believe, based on my own experience, that the Nikken magnetic insoles improve the energy flow through your feet to keep you better energized and better grounded.

Many people work on their feet all day and their feet hurt when they finally get home. It can be even worse if you work standing and walking on a concrete floor all day. The concrete is very hard and does not give all all, so your feet absorb all of the punishment.  You can help that by wearing magnetic insoles in your shoes.

I have heard from some people who travel a lot by plane that magnetic insoles, and other magnetic devices, can help to prevent or ease the effects of jet lag. Most people think that you get jet lag when you travel from one time zone to another. It actually happens when you lose your magnetic connection to the earth. Magnetic insoles may help with that, and with being stuck in a seat for an extended period of time.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a doctor and I do not claim that magnetic insoles for shoes will cure you of any condition. Please see a doctor if you have any problems with your feet. Neither Nikken nor the FDA validate or approve any of my statements.

I am an independent Nikken distributor and may earn a commission if you order through any of the links on this age. Nikken products are only available through independent Nikken distributors like me.


I published the original version of this post on February 18, 2009. Nikken’s magnetic insoles are still popular, so I decided to update the post with the current products. I have used Magsteps since I started as a distributor in April 2006 and I upgraded to the mSteps a couple of years ago and wear them in my shoes now. The pair I have on the floor under my desk are a pair of the older Magsteps. Magsteps are still my favorite, even though the mSteps have better magnets. I like the bumps in the Magsteps.

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Do they feel tired or sore at the end of the day? If so, then I strongly recommend that you try a pair of magnetic insoles.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please share your thoughts in a comment below and share this post with your followers on social media.

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