How Magnetic Bracelets Affect the Body

Many people talk about how magnetic bracelets affect the body in a positive way? I use them myself. I think they help.In this post I’m going to talk about how magnetic bracelets affect the body. People get very excited when you talk about using magnets to help your body. Some people adamantly opposed to them, call them a scam and throw the “placebo” word around a lot. Others will talk you ear off about all of the wonderful things that magnets have done for them over the years. By the way, I explain why a placebo is a good thing in and old post.

I learned about magnets, including magnetic bracelets just over 10 years ago and have been using them continuously ever since. I absolutely love them. Let’s see if you will agree with me by the end of this post.

How Do Magnetic Bracelets Help?

There are a few reasons why you might want to wear a magnetic bracelet or a magnetic sports band. The most obvious reason is if you have something going on in your wrist that you want to take care of.

When my kids were babies, just before we started using magnets, I strained my brachioradialis muscle in both arms carrying them, trying to get them to fall asleep in the evening. The brachioradialis is the primary muscle you use to pick something up, like a glass to drink. My massage school instructor called it the beer drinking muscle.

I purchased my first magnetic bracelets to relieve that tension so that I could use my wrists without discomfort. They worked beautifully. So the first answer to “how magnetic bracelets affect the body” is that they help to relax the muscles in your wrist so that they can heal.

Muscle Control and Stability

I don’t have first-hand experience with this, but it comes from a very reliable source. Some people have a problem where their hands shake a lot. They can wear a magnetic bracelet or magnetic sports band on their wrist and a magnetic necklace around their neck to reduce the shaking. I was told that it works pretty reliably.

I have been told that this only works if you have both a magnetic necklace and a magnetic bracelet. It’s definitely not a permanent solution but even a little bit of help is something. I don’t claim to have all the answers for how this works, but I do have a few guesses.

One possibility is that the magnetic field at the brachial plexus (in your neck where the nerves for your arm come out of your spinal cord) and at the wrist stabilize nerve conduction between them through your arm.

Balance Your Energy

I think the best answer to how magnetic bracelets affect the body is in balancing your body’s energy. If you have looked at Eastern medicine at all then you are aware of the energy meridians running through your body. Half of them either begin or end in your hands, so half of your body’s energy channels pass through your wrist.

A good magnetic bracelet or magnetic sports band will have more than one magnet on it so that they create a magnetic field that penetrates through your wrist. Then the energy passing through the meridians in your arm will be affected by that magnetic field.

A magnetic field influences the energy that passes through it. That is easy to prove. If it didn’t work that way then you wouldn’t be reading this because that is how your power company generates electricity.

How to Use Magnetic Bracelets

Obviously, you put the magnetic bracelet on your wrist. Some people seem to think there some magical component to wearing magnetic bracelets though. They have created these rules about which wrist you should wear it on and for how long.

I have been asked which before which wrist you should wear the bracelet on. My answer is to wear it on the one that needs it. If you have something going on with your left arm, wrist or hand, then wear it on that wrist.

If you wear the bracelet to balance your energy then it doesn’t matter which wrist you have it on. I wear a magnetic sports band on both wrists right now. If I were to injure one of my wrists I would wear both bands on that wrist for a little while until it felt better, then go back to one on each.

How Magnetic Bracelets Affect the Body

To review. I think the real power of using magnets is to balance your body’s energy system, especially in the absence of spending time outside in the Earth’s magnetic field. The benefits that you receive from wearing a magnetic bracelet come from that.

Those benefits specific to your wrists may include better muscle control and shorter recovery time after over-using your wrists.

Where to Buy Magnetic Bracelets

All that’s left is how to get your own magnetic bracelets.

You have choices. When I talk about bracelets I use the term very broadly to include sports bands as well. Some people draw a distinction.

A bracelet is a piece of metallic jewelry that you wear on your wrist. In the case of a magnetic bracelet, it would have magnetic pieces embedded in it in some way.

A magnetic sport band is not as flashy, probably made out of silicone or a similar substance, and much less expensive. Like the magnetic bracelet, it will have magnets embedded or attached in some way.

I use magnetic sports bands. I like the lower cost and they are usually more durable than a bracelet. The only time that I take mine off is when I take a shower. The silicone band also makes it possible to include other technology.

The PowerBands that I use help relax the muscles in the wrist. You can get your own PowerBands here. There are magnetic bracelets available there as well. I am a distributor and may earn a small commission if you order.


I am not a doctor and do not make any claims that magnetic bracelets will heal any condition. If you have a serious issue with your wrists then please consult a qualified physician.

Thanks for Reading

Would you consider getting your own and seeing how magnetic bracelets affect the body for yourself? Have your used them before? Please share your thoughts in a comment below and share this post with your followers on social media.

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