Importance of Hydration in Winter

Dry Winter Air Increases Important of HydrationI have written before about the importance of hydration in the summer and how much water you should drink. Staying hydrated in the winter is just as important.

In the summer you sweat a lot because it is hot, especially if you are working outside when the sun is shining brightly. In the winter people often think that it isn’t as important to drink water because it isn’t anywhere near as hot outside. Just because it isn’t hot doesn’t mean you don’t need water.

Why is Hydration Important in Winter?

No matter what time of year it is, your body is still using water for all of its internal needs and you still lose some moisture in breathing. You still need water to carry nutrients to the cells and carry the toxins away and eliminate them.

The real challenge to staying hydrated in winter, the one that most people don’t consider, is the dryness of the air. The cooler winter is a lot dryer than the warm, humid summertime air and it can be a challenge to stay properly hydrated. I remember seeing a lot of Chapstick commercials on TV when I was growing up.

The dry winter air sucks the moisture out of your lips and leaves them chapped. If you drink enough water to stay properly hydrated then chapped lips and a dry mouth are not so much of a problem.

The Value of a Water Filter to Hydration

When drinking water in the winter, or any other time of year, you want water that is going to benefit you. Your water needs to be clean – you don’t want your water to pollute your body and possibly get you sick. Your water should be alkaline. Acidic water will add to your already acidic diet, especially with the holiday meals. Alkaline water will help to counter the acidic foods.

Most important to the issue of hydration, you want water that your body can easily absorb. You aren’t going to get hydrated if the water you drink just passes through you. It turns out that when water passes through a magnetic field, the long chains of water molecules get broken up into smaller clusters that are more easily absorbed.

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall is a great water filter that will clean your water to meet several ANSI standards for reduction of chlorine, lead and other contaminants. It will make your water alkaline in the range of 8.5 to 9.5 pH. As the water flows through the spigot it passes through a magnetic field that helps soften the water so that it is more easily absorbed by your body.

I highly recommend that you have a Nikken Waterfall or similar water filter and stay well hydrated in the winter and all year long.

Disclaimer and disclosure

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