Consciousness of Water – What Are You Drinking?

Masaru Emoto Water Crystal imprinted with HappinessYou know that you are supposed to drink water, but do you know what factors can affect the quality of the water you drink, and how they affect your body?

I believe that water is the most important “nutritional supplement” that you can take. Like all nutritional supplements, you need to make sure that you have good quality and you want to know what’s in it. You know that you need a good water filter to address that concern. You don’t want to drink the chlorine and other contaminants that are in most of the water that is available.

There’s more to water than that though – the consciousness of water. Water gets imprinted by the energy around it, and that energy then gets transferred to you when you drink it.

Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments

Energy of ThoughtsHave you heard about the Masaru Emoto water experiments? He would flash freeze a sample of water before and after programming the water with energy, usually in the form of a word or a prayer.

Polluted water and water that had negative words and phrases, like “I hate you”, spoken over it would have ugly, amorphous shapes.  This picture shows water imprinted with “you make me sick.” Water that had positive words, phrases or prayers spoken over it formed beautiful crystals, like snowflakes. The crystal in the picture at the top of this post was imprinted with “happiness.”

Emoto showed that the energy of thoughts, your thoughts and those of the people around you, will imprint on the water you drink, the water in the food you eat, and the water in your body. Make sure they are good thoughts.

The Rice Experiment

Another experiment that shows the affect of thoughts on water, and then on the body, is the rice experiment. You have cooked rice in three jars then seal them. There is a lot of water content in cooked rice. Give the rice in one of the jars a lot of love. Say “I love you”, “you are beautiful” and other nice things to it regularly. The rice in the second jar gets a lot of hate. Tell it “I hate you”, “you are ugly” and other mean things regularly. Put the third jar in a corner somewhere and completely ignore it.

You will find that the rice receiving positive energy stays nice and white. The ignored rice will turn dark from neglect. The rice that receives the negative energy will turn black and nasty. When I was in massage school, one of the classes did the experiment, so I got to see it with my own eyes. It was amazing.

How Does This Apply to You?

When you add the ability to charge water with energy you can get a lot of healing with water.

We use a gravity water filter, so our water sits in the container for a little while before we drink it. We can give it positive energy every time we add water to it and draw water from it. We can give it positive energy every time we walk by. Tell the water “I love you” or “thank you”. Pray over your water, bless it or give thanks for it just like you might do over your food when you eat. Supercharge your water and I know you will see results.

P.S. Do you know how much water you should drink every day?

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  1. Amy Hagerup says:

    I have heard this before but I really liked your description of the rice experiment. Amazing. I use my Shaklee Get Clean water pitcher so I will try speaking positive words to that water sitting there! Thanks, Amy

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