You Won’t Believe It Until You See It, or Feel It

I am at a big Nikken event in Orlando, FL this weekend and I want to share some of the product demonstrations that I saw yesterday. Video will be better, and hopefully I can do that sometime after I get back home. For now, my descriptions will have to be good enough.

Most Nikken product demonstrations you see have to do with magnets, so I’m going to start with the PiMag water.

A Benefit of PiMag Water

They asked people to flex their hands, close their hands into a fist and re-open, to see if anyone had any stiffness in their fingers. Anyone who did have stiffness or discomfort raised their hands and the demonstrator spayed one hand on both sides with water from the PiMag Waterfall.

He only sprayed one hand so that they would be able to easily notice a difference between the two hands.

After about 3 seconds he would ask them if they noticed any difference, other than one hand being wet. Of course, everyone did.

The PiMag water – alkaline, ionized, and slightly restructured through a magnet – will quickly and easily absorb into the skin to hydrate the cells. When your cells are properly hydrated they will function better. In the case of the small muscles in your hand, functioning better means flexing your fingers without discomfort and stiffness.

Benefits of Magnets

There were three magnet demonstrations that they did. I’m not going to talk much about the first one because it was just a variation of the muscle test that, if you have been around Nikken much, you have already seen.

They had a lady come up, put her arms out, they pushed up and she stepped back. Then she stood on the Magsteps and they did the same thing. This time, her feet stayed glued to the floor, her back stayed straight, only her arms moved up. The magnetic insoles gave her much better balance and stability.

Magsteps Do Something to Your Feet

Next they asked for anyone who had soreness, stiffness, or tension in their feet. Anyone who did was given one Magstep insole to place under one foot while they sat in their chair and then continued with the presentation.

After five or ten minutes, the presenter asked how the people with a magnetic insole were doing. Two ladies said their foot with the insole was tingling. Another lady showed that she had better range of motion in her ankle. The rest of the people said their foot on the Magstep was more relaxed and felt better.

Like with the water demonstration, they only used the Magstep magnetic insole under one foot so that the person could easily compare the before and after because sometimes the changes are very subtle.

Range of Motion

The last demonstration was with the Magboy. Wonderful magnetic massage tool. They had two people go up to the front, put their arms straight out to the side, and stick up their thumbs. Then they turned at the waist in both directions and notice how far they could turn without moving their feet, testing range of motion.

Now the presenter and an assistant rolled the Magboys over their lower backs for a few minutes.

Again with their arms out to their sides, they rotated to see what their range of motion was now. As they turned you wondered if they were going to stop. Their range of motion had increased a lot. It was amazing to see, even for me as a massage therapist and having used these products six years.

They use the MagDuo for this because it is easy to use in a demonstration. Any of the magnets will have a similar effect.

It was very cool.

Those were some of the product demonstrations that I saw yesterday. If you have seen other demonstrations or have testimonial from using the Nikken products yourself, please share them in a comment below.

PS. If you know someone who could benefit from items such as these, please share this post with them. Better yet, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, join my team and I will help you share this with them so that you make the money yourself.

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  1. Mariz says:

    I’ve been hearing Nikken products from my college friends and they said that it really gives positive outcome to its users. I would like to give it a try and give one of those magnet products to my grandma for Mother’s day. What do you think? 🙂 Thanks!

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