Working in Cubicles is Dangerous

Working in Cubicles in Dangerous

If you are stuck working in a cubicle all day without natural sunlight and fresh air, then you may be in danger!

OK, that may be a little over the top. It’s actually more a long term risk than imminent danger. The bottom line is that we all need good light and fresh air to stay happy and healthy.

We’re actually meant to be outdoors where there is plenty of sunlight, clean air, fresh water, and the Earth’s magnetic field to relax us and energize us.

It is a fact of our modern lives that we have to spend too much time indoors working to make money to support our families. I’m lucky. I work from home in my office with an open window next to me all day. I get natural sunlight and fresh air coming in.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Here are some facts. Full-spectrum light, as from the sun, illuminates what you are reading better than incandescent or fluorescent lights, making it much easier on the eyes. When your eyes are relaxed you don’t get the headaches and fatigue that a lot of people have by the end of the work day.

Seriously, once you experience the light from a good full-spectrum lamp you will never willingly go back to other lights.

The air quality in most office buildings is pretty low. They depend on HVACs to move air through the building and not enough of it gets exchanged with the outside air. It is a fact that in a lot of cases indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor air quality. A good air filter can do a lot to refresh the air that you are breathing.

While getting better light and better air may not make going to work more fun, they can definitely make it less stressful on your body.

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