The Difference Between Magsteps and Magstrides

A common question that I receive is “what is the difference between the Magsteps and the Magstrides?”

Nikken has two kinds of magnetic insole, the Magstep and the Magstride and it is important to know the difference so that you get the one that will work best for you.

Magsteps Magnetic Insoles

The Magstep is Nikken’s original magnetic insoles introduced back when Nikken started in Japan more than 35 years ago. They are thin, flexible, and have bumps on one side. If you wear shoes that fit you well, like most dress shoes, the Magsteps will be a better choice. Also, if you don’t have any issues with your feet being very sensitive, then I recommend the Magsteps.

Both magnetic insoles are pretty much the same as far as their magnetic properties. The added benefit to the Magsteps are the bumps. Yes, the bumps go up in your shoe so that you are standing on them. They were inspired by the pebbles at the bottom of Japanese baths and give your foot some physical stimulation in addition to the magnetic stimulation.

When you get your first pair of Magsteps, if you find the bumps to be uncomfortable then flip them over and use the smooth side for a while. After three to six months, flip them back over and try the bumps again. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that you don’t notice them anymore.

I use the Magsteps and I had to go with the smooth side for several months before my feet were ready for the bumps. Now I walk on the bumps and I only notice them if they aren’t there.

Magstrides Magnetic Insoles

The Magstrides are better for you if your feet are very sensitive. If you have peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, or fibromyalgia then your feet are probably very sensitive and  you will do better with the Magstrides. They may also be better for you if you need more cushion under your foot.

Magstrides are about twice as thick as the Magsteps, so they need a little more room in your shoe. Sneakers, tennis shoes, and running shoes usually have more room in them and handle the thicker Magstride insole better. When you get your Magstrides, you will notice that once side is darker than the other. That darker side is the side that goes up toward your foot.

That pretty much covers the differences between the Magsteps and the Magstrides. If you have any additional questions, leave me a comment below or send me an email. My contact info is at the top of this page next to my picture.

PS. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, go to my magnetic insoles page here.

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