Magnetic Kenkoseat – I Use the Products Part 8

I will not ride in a car for more than an hour without my Kenkoseat magnetic chair pad.

I will not ride for more than an hour in a car without my Kenkoseat magnetic chair pad.

I am an independent Nikken distributor and I use the products that I promote.

The Kenkoseat is a magnetic chair pad. There are 48 magnets total in my Kenkoseat – 20 in the seat bottom in a 4×5 grid and another 28 magnets in the back in a 5×5 grid with the last 3 above that where the top tapers off. That provides a nice, even magnetic surface to sit on.

I use my Kenkoseat in the car and in my office chair. The most important place for me is in the car. You can’t move around much when you are driving and it isn’t good to be stuck in one place for very long. Your body reminds you of that by telling you that you are uncomfortable, or your butt goes numb. Sitting on the Kenkoseat while I am driving prevents that.

My parents live about three and a half hours away and my in-laws live about five hours away. If the kids sleep most of the way, I can make those trips without having to stop. I’m driving to Orlando in a few days, seven or eight hours in the car, and I wouldn’t dream of driving all that way without my magnetic chair pad. My Kenkoseat can also double as my magnetic mattress pad if I don’t have room for it on this trip.

I have another Kenkoseat for my office chair. Again, it is about comfort while sitting for a period of time, like while I’m writing these posts. I have also been told that the magnetic field helps to protect me from the harmful electromagnetic fields produced by my laptop. I don’t have any hard proof to confirm that though.

I don’t get to use my magnetic chair pad in my office as much as I would like to. My cat things it is his. If he decides that he needs a nap during the day, which he always does because he’s a cat, he expects me to give him the seat. He will stroll into my office, meow once, and glare at me until I give up my chair with the chair pad. He allows me to use the hard wooden chair.

What I do know is that we need to be surrounded by the Earth’s magnetic field as much as possible. When we spend time inside a house or in a car we are shielded from most of that, which isn’t good. Using my Kenkoseat while I am working or driving, I am putting myself back in that natural magnetic field, and that is good for me.

Click here for more information about the Kenkoseat magnetic chair pad.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    It looks like they only sell the kenko seat, not the chair pad? Am I missing where the pad is advertised?

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