Wireless Network Radiation and Cellphone Radiation

Just over a week ago I wrote a post about cellphones, wi-fi, and EMF radiation. Please take a moment to read it as this post is an update to that one. I was motivated enough by what I read while getting information about wireless radiation to make some improvements in our environment for me and my family. I wanted to turn off our wireless network and use an air-tube headset for our cellphones.

First was to turn off the wireless part of our network router, but I immediately encountered an obstacle. We use our Wii to stream Netflix to our TV and the Wii does not directly support a wired network. We found a LAN adapter for the Wii on Amazon and it arrived yesterday. It was incredibly easy to install and change the Wii over to our wired network. With the last obstacle finally out of the way I disabled the wireless part of our network.

I immediately felt a change when I turned it off. I didn’t think that I was all that sensitive to the EMF noise but I am apparently sensitive enough to have noticed the change. What I really enjoyed was that my kids got along great for the rest of the day. No fussing and fighting. They even went to bed easy last night with none of the usual fooling around. That was worth the work right there. Today has been a great day for them so far too.

The second part was to get air-tube headsets for our cellphones. I had read plenty of bad reviews on Amazon that the sound quality with some of the air tubes was really bad. Well, they arrived today and I immediately had to try it out with my phone. I plugged them in and inserted the ear-buds into my ears. The fit snuggly and comfortably unlike a lot I had tried before. So far, so good. Then I called my father to see how an actual call would work. He said that he was able to hear me more clearly than he could with my old wire, and I could hear him very well too. My wife wanted to try hers out while she was driving to the spa to do a massage, so she called me from her car. Even with her windows open we could hear each other clearly and easily. Not very much of the wind noise came through at all. These things work great.

So, while wireless EMF is all around us, it is possible to reduce some of what we are exposed to at least while we are in our own homes.

In the other post I mentioned that a magnetic chair pad and a magnetic mattress pad can also help to deal with the effects of exposure to bad EMFs.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a scientist. I don’t pretend to know everything about how EMF works and how it affects the body. I just know that many people do seem to be affected and by removing it, the problems seem to go away, as did the challenges with my kids.


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