Nikken PowerBand Bracelets Confused with PowerBalance

I did some searching this morning on Google for the Nikken PowerBand bracelets and found a lot of sites and articles that looked like they were actually talking about the PowerBalance bands, not the PowerBand bracelets.

The PowerBalance bands are made by a different company and are a silicone band with some kind of hologram disks embedded in them that sit above and below the wrist. I don’t understand how they work and I’m not qualified to get into a discussion about whether they do actually work or not. I do know that some places have put restrictions on the company about their advertising because there apparently isn’t enough science to back their claims.

What matters to me is that, contrary to what some people seem to understand, there are no magnets in the PowerBalance bands.

The Nikken PowerBand bracelets on the other hand are magnetic sport bracelets, and there is plenty of science that shows that magnets affect the human body. Also, Nikken doesn’t officially claim that they do anything because the FDA and FTC don’t allow it. Still, medical science accepts the fact that magnetic fields can help the body heal and the use magnets to help broken bones heal.

PowerBand bracelets are made in two sizes, essentially a smaller size for women and a larger size for men though there is no other difference between other than size. They also come in two colors – black or yellow. Nikken put out a survey last December asking what other colors people would like but I haven’t heard anything about the results. Personally, I would like to see a dark green or maybe a dark purple. The lighter colors show more discoloration from wear which at least partially explains why the black is so popular.

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Wayne Woodworth

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