PiMag Potato Test Update

Potato in Pi WaterFour days ago I started a demonstration of the benefits of PiMag Water by taking three sweet potatoes and putting them into cups with PiMag water from my Aqua Pour, well water straight from my tap, and chlorinated water from my son’s pre-school in town.

I expected that the potato in the PiMag water would do very well and that the potato in the chlorine wouldn’t do well at all. The potato in my well water should do ok, not as well as the PiMag water. After two days I noticed that the potato in the chlorinated water had started to peel. Now after 4 days of soaking, the potato in the PiMag water has sprouted it’s first 2 new roots, so while hardly conclusive, my expectations are playing out.

Go here to see the full story with the complete update.


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