Tired of Feeling Jet Lagged?

Do you lose a day when you travel by plane because you feel jet lagged?

Mark had to fly across the country a lot for work and preferred to travel the day before so that he’d have time to recover from the jet lag before having to start a job.  He borrowed a pair of magnetic insoles to see if they would help.  For his next job he had to fly out from Alabama to Nevada, drive 3 hours more to the job site, then get to work immediately.  He said that he didn’t experience anywhere near the level of jet lag that he normally felt.  The insoles helped a lot.

The idea behind this is that the Earth is a very big magnet and we depend on the Earth’s magnetic field to function properly.  Magnetic field strength, like sound, drops off by the square of the distance.  For example, at 10 feet away from a magnet you will experience one quarter the affect that you experience at 5 feet away.  When you fly in a plane you are 25,000 to 30,000 feet away from the earth.  Magnetic insoles and other items supplement the magnetic field around the body to help it function better.

Wayne Woodworth
Walking on magnets

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