An Easier Way to Deal with Trigger Points

Do you have trouble with places that are sore or tight in your shoulders and/or upper back?  In massage we call them knots or trigger points.  If you go to see a massage therapist about this it will probably hurt because we are taught to press on them and hold until the intensity decreases.  It is also hard on the therapist’s thumbs.  It is no fun for either the client or the therapist.

There is a better way. Magnets do wonders for releasing trigger points and there are two magnetic tools that I use when dealing with them.

First are MagDuo. These are small magnetic balls in a holder that I use to roll rapidly over the trigger point for a few minutes. Unlike Trigger Point Therapy, it doesn’t hurt. Actually, it feels really good and the trigger point melts away.

Second are PowerMinis.  PowerPatches are small magnetic buttons stuck to a self-adhesive disk that can be placed directly over the trigger point.  It takes longer to relieve the trigger point, but if you put the patch on before going to bed then the discomfort will probably be gone by morning.

I love using magnets when doing massage and taking care of aches and pains.  I find that clients tense up if they feel pain, like in the usual way of dealing with muscle knots, so magnets work much better because there is no additional pain and they promote relaxation.

Wayne Woodworth
Magnetic Massage Therapist

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