Have Magnets? Just Add Water

Kenko PowerChip MagnetI am a big believer in using magnets to help the body, otherwise I wouldn’t use them myself or on my kids. I sleep on a magnetic mattress topper, I wear a magnetic bracelet and necklace and I have magnetic insoles in my shoes. If something hurts, like a sore muscle or something, I stick a magnet on it.

The thing is, if you are dehydrated then the magnets will have a reduced effect depending on how dehydrated you are. When you are dehydrated then the energy in your body cannot flow as easily. It’s like traveling in a city that doesn’t maintain the roads. The energy doesn’t flow and little gets done.

According to one theory I read, magnets help the body by boosting the body’s repair signals. It’s like boosting the strength of a transmitter at a radio station so that it can be heard clearer and farther away. The farther that the signal can reach and the stronger it can be heard, the quicker the body can respond and feed the repair efforts.

The water in the body forms the channels through which those repair signals are transmitted. If you are dehydrated then the channels become impaired and the signals don’t travel as well as they should. Boosting their strength with magnets may help some, but not as much as they could if you were properly hydrated. So, if you want to get the most from using magnets to help your body, then you will do well to make sure that you stay properly hydrated (which you should probably do anyway).


Disclaimer: I am a distributor of the magnets pictured above. If you buy one, you get the magnet and I get paid so that I can feed my family.

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