Why Get a Magnetic Massage

MagCreator Magnetic Massage Roller

Have you ever had a magnetic massage before?

Let’s start with a regular massage, maybe a Swedish massage. It is very relaxing and maybe, if you allow yourself, you fall asleep on the table. They make for a great relief from stress and can help with blood and lymph flow. While those are great benefits, they are really short-lived for the most part.

To get real benefit from a massage you want to get a therapeutic massage, like neuro-muscular therapy (NMT) or a deep tissue massage. If you received a good massage then you feel like you have been worked over. You might even feel sore afterwards. As the client, you may not realize that your therapist feels pretty worked over too. If they aren’t careful, they risk injuring their thumbs or wrists every time they do one of these massages.

What if you could get the benefits of the deep tissue massage and feel like you had a nice relaxation massage? That is what a good magnetic massage can do for you.

What is a Magnetic Massage?

When you get a magnetic massage you will be laying on a magnetic pad that should be more comfortable then laying directly on the massage table. The blanket on top of you will also have magnets so that you are wrapped in a magnetic cocoon. The massage hasn’t started yet and you are already receiving benefits from the magnetic field surrounding you.

During the massage, the massage therapist will use a variety of magnetic massage tools. My favorite is a magnetic roller that rolls up and down the back bridging over the spine. The roller itself can target the erector muscles that run along the spine and are largely responsible for our posture. The magnets in the roller affect everything in the area including the erector muscles, the spinal cord, and the energy meridians that run along the spine.

The therapist can then use smaller rollers or magnetic balls to work individual muscle groups giving the traditional effects of massage from the balls in contact with the skin and working into the muscles along with the energetic effects of the magnets.

What are the Benefits of Magnetic Massage?

Hopefully you already understand the energetic benefits of using magnets on the body and how they affect energy flow and relaxation. What you may not know is that a spinning magnet creates a much bigger magnetic field that a stationary magnet. If you hold a magnet still and try to detect its magnetic field, you find find it up to an inch or so away from the magnet. When you take that same magnet and spin it about an axis, you will be able to detect it several inches away. In other words, that spinning magnet will send magnetic energy much deeper into, and even through, the body.

So the benefits of a magnetic massage for you as a client is that the massage therapist can affect muscles much deeper than they could otherwise reach. Now a deep tissue massage doesn’t have to hurt and you come out much more relaxed.

The massage therapist benefits too because they don’t have to risk injuring themselves to reach those deep muscles.

The next time that you want a massage, get a magnetic massage and see for yourself.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. These are what we use for our magnetic massages.
Magnetic pad
Magnetic blanket
Magnetic roller and balls

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2 Responses to Why Get a Magnetic Massage

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have never had magnetic massage and this is actually the first time I have heard of it…

    • When I do a “regular” massage I like to end with using a magnetic roller on the clients back. If I get any comment at all about the massage it is about how great “that roller thing” felt.

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