Playing With the Emotion Code

Dr Bradley Nelson Emotion CodeI started playing with the Emotion Code again a couple days ago and have been having success with it. The key was learning how to get one of the other forms of muscle testing to work for me.

I will record a video of how to do it if I can, so for now I will try to explain the muscle testing in words the best I can. Have your subject pick one hand and make a circle by placing the tip of their index finger to the tip of their thumb. They want to try to keep the ring whole while you test them. You ask a question then pull on their index finger to pull their ring open. If the ring stays whole, they test strong, then the answer is “yes”. If their ring pulls open, they test weak, then the answer is “no”.

I like this form of the muscle test because I can do it fast and I can do it on myself, so I can work on my own trapped emotions.

I started working on my heart wall yesterday. A heart wall is an energetic wall around your heart made of trapped emotions. The purpose is to protect your heart from other emotional wounding but can also keep your heart disengaged.

The cool thing about heart walls is that your subconscious assigns a particular material to them and gives them a thickness. For example, through muscle testing I found out that mine is made of steel and was 100 feet thick before I started working on it. So my subconscious says that there is a 100 foot thick wall of steel surrounding my heart. I released seven trapped emotions from it yesterday and reduced it down to 93 feet thick. I hope that it doesn’t remain at a ratio of 1 emotion to 1 foot of heart wall the whole way.

Some people have trouble accepting the idea of muscle testing. They think that, especially when doing it on yourself, that you are in control of the answers you get. Of course you can manipulate the results, but if you keep an open mind I believe that you get true answers. The proof for me is when I’m expecting a “yes” answer and I get a “no”, or I’m expecting a “no” and get a “yes”. Some of the emotions that I have released so far have been completely unexpected. I have no idea where trapped emotions of despair or heartache could have come from in my life.

The cool thing about the Emotion Code is that I don’t have to know where they came from or when they happened. I just use the process to identify the trapped emotion, roll my Magboy (now the MagDuo) over the top of my head, and the muscle test again to make sure that it has been released. That’s it. Sometimes I feel something being lifted away when I roll the Magboy, other times I don’t. Either way, it doesn’t matter because the emotion is released.

You can learn the Emotion Code from reading the book or, better yet, learn it by attending one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s seminars. You can find the book and the Emotion Code Seminar schedule here.

If you are using the Emotion Code and would be willing to share some of your experiences, I would love to read them in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth


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2 Responses to Playing With the Emotion Code

  1. Mike Stabile says:

    That is encouraging to hear that you are getting immediate results. Many people who are experiencing the Emotion Code technique are saying that the method is one of the, if not the most effective way for bringing about immediate positive changes. Whereas with other methods such as hypnosis it may take many hours of therapy over weeks or months, with the Emotion Code people are experiencing immediate results in only one session.

    I did read the book and only dabbled once or twice with it because the muscle testing is something it seems you may need to practice a bit to get a hang of. I’m going to give it some more efforts now, inspired by your success. With a little practice and patience I’m sure anyone can use this method for improving one’s life experience.

    Thanks Wayne,
    Mike Stabile

    • Dabbling was I had done until my wife went down to a massage client’s house to do a massage. Afterward, they did the Emotion Code with her and released a trapped emotion. She showed me how they did the version of the muscle test that I described in the post, so I tried it out and it seems to work pretty well. I did some more rounds with it this morning and now my heart wall is down to 79 feet thick. Keep playing with the muscle testing. Try not to think too much about what you are doing. Keep an open mind and see what happens.

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