How to Get a Great Discount on Nikken’s Products

Discounted Nikken Product PacksI just finished adding new pages to my website for each of Nikken’s new Vital packs and I am amazed at how much savings they offer. They are all priced at 20% off the full retail price of the individual items that make up each pack and the biggest deal is what you get when you combine the Vital Day Pack with the Vital Sleep Pack, which I will get into in a moment.

First, I want to introduce each of the packs.

The Vital Day Pack contains some essential items to help you get through your day, like a KenkoSeat to keep you comfortable while driving or sitting at your desk, a medium pair of Magsteps to help out while on your feet, and CiagaV and Jade GreenZymes from the whole food organic nutritional line, two of Nikken’s most beneficial nutritional supplements. There are a handful of other items as well, plus a 40% off coupon for the Vital Sleep Pack. Again, more on that in a moment.

The next pack is the Vital Sleep Pack. It isn’t actually priced at a discount by itself, but bear with me a moment and I will show you how it is actually the best deal that Nikken has ever offered. This pack contains your choice in size of Naturest magnetic mattress pad and the matching size of Kenko Dream or Dream Light comforter. It also includes one or two Naturest magnetic pillows depending the size pad that you choose.

The third pack is the Vital Environment Pack. This pack contains the items you need to address the environment in your home and is made up of the Aqua Pour, Air Wellness Power5 Pro, an Ultra Shower filter, and 2 KenkoLights. It essentially brings as much of the outdoors indoors as is possible, and the outdoors is a large part of what we need to be healthy. The Vital Environment pack also includes the 40% off coupon for the sleep pack.

The fourth and final pack is the Vital On-The-Go Travel Pack. It is essentially what the traditional off-line distributors called the Demo Pack. It is a demo-sized Natrurest mattress pad (sized to fit a massage table), twin light comforter, Naturest magnetic pillow, a Magboy, and a MagCreator. Now it also includes the Naturest magnetic travel pillow. If you are used to sleeping in the comfort of a Nikken magnetic sleep system, this is the smaller version that you can take with you when you travel. Or, speaking as a massage therapist, this is the perfect portable magnetic massage kit.

Ok, so how is the Vital Sleep Pack the best deal when it is the only pack that isn’t actually discounted off the regular price? As I said, the Vital Day Pack contains a 40% off coupon for the Vital Sleep Pack. From my experience, the most commonly purchased size of Naturest pad is the queen, so I will lay this out using the price of a queen pack.

You purchase the Vital Day Pack for $599. Yes, this may seem expensive at first but remember that it is 20% off the retail price of the individual items, and I’m about to show you that the price really doesn’t matter. Along with the items in the pack you receive a coupon for 40% off the price of a Vital Sleep Pack. The queen pack price is currently $2140. Your coupon for 40% off saves you $856. When you add in the price you paid for the Vital Day Pack you still save $257 versus the regular price of a queen sleep pack and you have a lot of additional product that you will receive significant benefits from.

There is one qualification to this offer. You only have 30 days from the day you create your account with Nikken to take advantage of the 40% off coupon. If you have never ordered from Nikken before then you are good to go. If you have ordered before then send me a message (leave me a comment below or using my contact page) and we will figure out how you can take advantage of this offer. I have been a distributor for 5 years so I don’t qualify for it. If I didn’t already have all of this myself then my parents would be ordering this for me, if you catch my drift.

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