The Amazing Magsteps – Nikken’s Magnetic Insoles

I haven’t talked in a while about Nikken’s magnetic insoles, the Magsteps and Magstrides. Magnetic insoles are an important item for Nikken because that is where it all started for them 36 years ago in Japan. That’s right, Nikken has been making magnets in the form of magnetic insoles for 36 years. That’s a long time and is a good testament to their effectiveness. Products that don’t work don’t last 36 years on the market.

What Do Magnetic Insoles Do?

NIkken MagstepsPeople often ask me what magnetic insoles do. The short answer is that they sit in the bottom of your shoes and create a magnetic field above the surface of the insoles. The real question is what kind of benefits can your body create while the bottom of your foot is bathed in a magnetic field. I believe that the magnetic field helps to relax your feet and to improve energy flow. There is a double-blind study demonstrating that magnetic insoles can help diabetics with peripheral neuropathy and you can see more about the study here. While studies are nice,they don’t really tell you if magnetic insoles are going to work for you. I think that actual personal experience is much more telling. I like my Nikken Magsteps and I feel that they work very well for me and I don’t have any serious issues with my feet that I need them to “fix”. What they do for me is keep my feet feeling good when I have to spend time on my feet. I can spend 2 long days on my feet at an event and only at the end of the second day will they start to get tired. Imagine what that could mean for someone whose job requires them to be on their feet, like a server at a restaurant, an employee at a store, or someone who works at a spa or beauty shop. Magsteps are a great introduction to Nikken’s magnetic products. They are fairly inexpensive and should last you for several years. And like I already said, they have been around for 36 years. The Magstrides¬†are thicker than the Magsteps and provide a little more cushion, so you need a little more room in your shoes to handle the extra thickness. Click here to learn more about Nikken’s Magsteps and Magstrides magnetic insoles. Wayne Woodworth

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