Problems With Preservatives

I posted about a month ago about how there are so many companies out there pushing their nutritional juice and that most of them have preservatives.  Well, I received an email this morning from my upline about a comparison between our product, CiagaV, with a competing product.  I won’t name the other company because my point isn’t to bash them and their product, but to point out that you really need to watch out when preservatives are involved.

It turns out that their product includes Sodium Benzoate, a preservative, which can react with the high Vitamin C content to produce Benzene.  Benzene is an organic solvent that is known to cause cancer and liver damage.  I recommend that when you are going to put something in your body, you read the label first and see what it is.  Reconsider products with artificial ingredients because you never know how they will react with the other chemicals added, or the food itself.  Consider 100% natural or,  better yet, organic alternatives that contain only what is advertised and promote better living.

Our product, CiagaV, is 100% natural containing 97% juices and 3% fruit solids.  It contains no preservatives, added sugar, or added water.

BTW, I also found out that added water means “reconstituted from dried fruit powder”.  CiagaV is definitely NOT reconstituted.

Wayne Woodworth
I have my CiagaV, do you?

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