Magnets Reduce Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Would you like to avoid painful swelling after having your wisdom teeth removed? Use magnets.

Lisa from Alpharetta, GA is a Nikken magnet user. When her daughter had her wisdom teeth removed Lisa decided to see if the magnets would help with the swelling. She placed a magnetic patch on one cheek and not on the other so that she could see if there was a difference. The next morning she had her daughter stand before a mirror so that she could see the difference for herself. The cheek with the magnet had no where near as much swelling as the cheek that didn’t. And even better, they never filled the prescription for the pain medication either.

Wayne Woodworth
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Nikken magnet user

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant and massage therapist. None of my statements have been approved by either Nikken or the FDA. I do not diagnose conditions and I do not prescribe any product to treat a particular condition. Lisa’s daughters results with the Nikken magnets are not a guarantee that you will have the same results. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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