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The PiMag Deluxe water filters have both been discontinued. The replacement filter cartridge is still available.

If you are looking for a new water filter, I highly recommend the PiMag Waterfall.

The PiMag Aqua Pour is Nikken’s most popular water filter mostly because of its low price and it has been available for several years. About six months after I started my Nikken distributorship they introduced the Deluxe Counter Top Water Filter and the Deluxe Under Counter Water Filter.
This PiMag system is an excellent value when you compare its price with the price of bottled water. While it does have higher up front costs (the units are expensive compared to the PiMag Waterfall) it only requires one filter change every year. By year 5 a family of four will have saved more than the price of the system and replacement parts compared to a family of four buying bottled water. That does assume the two families are drinking the recommended amount of water daily.

Why Get a PiMag Deluxe Water System?

They offer a lot more convenience. They don’t have to be refilled regularly because they are connected to your water supply, so when you want water you just turn it on and there it is. With the Under Counter system you don’t even have to remember to use only cold water because it is plumbed in directly to your cold water line.

The PiMag Deluxe Counter Top Water Filter sits on your counter top and connects to your faucet with a hose and diverter valve. When you want clean, alkaline PiMag water all you have to do is turn on your cold water tap and pull the diverter value. Make sure that your glass is ready under the spout on the filtration unit.

The PiMag Deluxe Counter Top and Under Counter systems both use the same replacement filter cartridge

6 Responses to PiMag Deluxe Water Filter Systems

  1. Kathryn Mongeau says:

    I would like to get another original pi mag counter top water filter
    Are there any left ?

    • Hi Kathryn. There aren’t any left from Nikken but you might be able to find one on Ebay or something like that. Another problem you will have is that Nikken no longer offers the replacement filter cartridges either.

  2. Wendy Chan says:

    Help! I would like the 3 filter cartridges. I looked all over a month ago and there were none.
    I used to be a distributor years ago but gave it up.
    Then the cartridges were discontinued, I was told.
    Please give me your number to call.
    I also need a new diverter valve, per the maintenance manager.
    My Nikken system is #1316.
    I am moving in 3 weeks and would like to get these asap.
    Wendy Chan in Chicago
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Wendy. I enjoyed talking with you last night. I apologize that I wasn’t able to help you with your old Nikken water filter. I hope the one that you found on Ebay will work for you.

  3. Debra Weiss says:

    I was wondering what these water filters cost to buy?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Debra.
      The PiMag Deluxe water filter has been discontinued but the replacement filter cartridges should continue to be available for a few years. This filter cartridge is $96. In general, you can find any of the prices on this website by clicking on the picture of the item and follow the link to the Nikken website. All of the prices and product documentation are available there.

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