Why Magnetic Fields are Important to Health

Here is a little trivia I found a while back about magnets and Earth’s magnetic field. I think the info came from the book Healing With Magnets by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Earth’s natural magnetic field used to be 2 to 3 gauss and is only 1/2 gauss now.

The first astronauts to go into space returned to Earth sick. The illness was attributed to a lack of magnetic field in space. The problem was fixed by placing magnets in their space suits and a magnetic field generator on their spaceships.

In the absence of a magnetic field, the energy level of atoms diminishes. Necessary nutrients become depolarized and unusable. If this condition is permitted to continue, the body can become imbalanced and function improperly. By restoring balance to an organism, biomagnetic therapy can alleviate a number of health conditions.

This is why some magnetic products can help with discomfort and other imbalances in the body.

Wayne Woodworth

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  1. Gloria says:

    Wow, I wasn’t aware of that fact! Now I know why there has been a lot of products that utilizes magnetic energy to help in certain issues. Thanks for this useful tidbit of information.

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