Mineral Rocks in the Nikken Aqua Pour

I talked to a lady this afternoon who wanted to get a replacement filter cartridge and ceramic dome for her Aqua Pour water filter. She said that she doesn’t use the mineral stones because she gets better minerals from another source. These would be minerals that she takes as a supplement.

I don’t think of the mineral rocks in the Aqua Pour as a big source for minerals for the body. Instead, they are there to make the water alkaline as it comes out of the filter cartridge. Consider this, if you have a family of four drinking from an Aqua Pour, the water isn’t going to sit in the supply tank long enough to soak up a lot of minerals.

Clean water needs to absorb something and it will take whatever is most convenient. This is most easily seen with reverse osmosis systems where the water immediately starts to absorb carbon dioxide as soon as it is exposed to the air. If you test water from a reverse osmosis system you will find that it is acidic.

With the mineral rocks in the supply tank of an Aqua Pour, the most convenient thing for the clean water to absorb is the minerals from those rocks. Therefore the water becomes alkaline instead of acidic. Now when you drink this water your body doesn’t have to deplete its own mineral reserves to neutralize the acidity.

So, don’t think of the mineral rocks in your Aqua Pour as a source of dietary minerals. If you need those, find a better source. Instead think of them as an additional safety to make sure that your drinking water is the best that it can be – clean, great-tasting, alkaline drinking water.

Wayne Woodworth

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