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In the newest issue of my free monthly newsletter, August 2011, I talk about the power that our beliefs can have on our health and wellness. There are two areas that I point to as proof of how our beliefs can have a very profound affect, one is the placebo effect and it’s counterpart, the nocebo effect. Maybe you haven’t heard of the nocebo effect before. Where the placebo effects are the positive effects of using a placebo, the nocebo effects are the negative effects. When talking of a placebo pill, the nocebo effect would be the side-effects that people experience from thinking that they are taking a drug.

The second area of study that I look at is Epigenetics, which I learned about through listening to and reading material from Dr. Bruce Lipton. We have been taught that our genes control everything, but what controls our genes? That is what the study of Epigenetics is all about.

In future issues of the newsletter I intend to explore other areas that can affect our health. Sometimes it will be obvious things like water, nutrition, sleep and other times will be other things like energy healing, massage, and so on.

As you have probably already realized if you have looked around this website very much, I am a Nikken distributor and I believe very strongly in their products. I do use the newsletter to announce new product offerings from Nikken and talk about some of the technologies. I believe that once we know and practice all that we can about wellness we won’t need products from companies like Nikken. Until that day I intend to spread the word about their products as far as I can and this newsletter is part of that. I do promise to keep it to a minimum though and only talk about them when there is something new to talk about.

The newsletter is now just over a year old and I have only one request from all of  you who read it. Please give me some feedback, especially topics that you would like me to talk about.

Oh, and one more thing. As I said, this website is about the Nikken products. As a part of subscribing to my free newsletter you receive a 20% discount on all of your future Nikken orders placed through this site for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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Wayne Woodworth

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