How the Aqua Pour Helps During a Power Outage

The old Nikken water filter, the PiMag Aqua Pour, is a great water filter, but not as good as the newer PiMag Waterfall

I live north of Atlanta, GA and we are currently weathering our 4th snow fall of the season. So much for the “sunny South” and “Global Warming”. Two very real possibilities during a winter storm, especially in the South where we are not as well equipped for such weather, is power outages and frozen pipes. To prepare for these you want to make sure that you have a supply of drinking water to get you through. They say that you should fill your bath tub with water, but I’m not drinking water straight from my bath tub.

We have an Aqua Pour, and that provides great assurance against being without water. The Aqua Pour has a 2.6 gallon supply tank to store filtered water that will get you through for a little while. It also doesn’t require electricity, so you can take that water that you filled your bath tub with and filter it before you actually drink it.

So, having a well maintained Aqua Pour can be a part of good winter storm preparedness.

Wayne Woodworth

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