Why Nikken Magnets?

Someone told me recently that they believed that another company’s magnets must be superior to Nikken¬†magnets because they are stronger.

There are companies out there who sell extremely high-powered magnets and that claim that exposure to just the negative pole is beneficial and exposure to only the positive pole is harmful. They also claim that these high-powered magnets help with cancer and the like.

Nikken magnets, by comparison, are much weaker. Nikken’s magnetic products also provide a balanced magnetic field created with both positive and negative poles with the intent of balancing the body’s energy field. Nikken doesn’t claim that their magnets will cure cancer or any other condition. It’s actually illegal for anyone who isn’t a medical doctor to make those kinds of claims. By balancing the body’s magnetic field, Nikken magnets allow the body to do what it does best, heal itself.

The inventor behind several of the Nikken magnets believes that it is irresponsible for companies to sell such high-strength magnets.¬†The body’s energy system is very subtle. It has very weak magnetic and electrical fields. Magnets are used to move energy because they influence moving charged particles. High-powered magnets will move a lot of energy which will very easily over-stimulate the body’s energetic systems.

Here’s an analogy that may help you to understand what I mean. You probably have various electronic devices that use power adapters to plug into a wall outlet. Things like a CD or MP3 player. Let’s say that the player is designed for 5 volts but you lost the cord for it. You find another cord that fits but it puts out 12 volts. If you plug in your device with that 12 volt adapter, you will fry your device. It will get hot, the insides will melt, and their may even be smoke. It definitely won’t work after a few minutes.

While possibly beneficial for extreme cases like cancer, I believe that people who are generally healthy need to be cautious of using high-strength magnets. With all that said, Nikken has been making magnets for wellness purposes for 35 years with excellent results. They wouldn’t still be around otherwise.

Wayne Woodworth
Magnetic Massage Therapist

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2 Responses to Why Nikken Magnets?

  1. R. davis says:

    We bought a set of 6 gold covered magnets
    What is the gauss strength of these magnets
    looking for a therapeutic magnet for hip bursitis
    Thank you
    Kind regards-R.Davis

    • Ben says:

      Nikken used to have small gold covered magnets. They were called Kenko PowerPatches and the Gauss strength was 750. The current version of these magnets are the Kenko PowerMinis. They are also 750 gauss but contain more than one magnet set in opposition to each other so that the magnetic field reaches farther from the magnets surface and you get a stronger effect.

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