Do You Have a Water Filter in Your RV?

My parents take their gravity water filter from their house with them in their RV when they go camping.  That’s a great idea because when you travel from one place to another, the quality of the water at the campground that you stay at can vary a lot from one place to another.  It was after they took a three month trip in their camper to Alaska and back that they became concerned about the water they were getting because they stayed in a lot of different places.

A gravity water filter turns out to be very convenient when traveling in an RV.  The one my parents use can be quickly and easily disassembled and stowed for traveling and just as easily reassembled when they get to their destination.  It also fits very nicely on their limited counter space.

Most people don’t think much about it but a water filter is almost more important when you are traveling than when you are at home because you really don’t know if the pipes that you connect to are properly maintained and really all that clean at a campground.  It also seems that some places have more chlorine in the water than other places do.  It is important to get that chlorine out of the water before you drink it because it is a poison put there to kill what’s in the water.

If you would like to see the system that my parents use, and my grandmother too, look at the free-standing gravity water filter on my water filter page.

Wayne Woodworth
Drinking in style when camping

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