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You can find more information, prices and order any of the Nikken far-infrared support wraps by clicking the picture of the item you want below. You will then be taken to the Nikken website to complete your request.

Far Infrared Support Wrap
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KenkoTherm® Wraps include Far-Infrared Technology for temperature regulation. In a soft, comfortable knit blend, they support and stretch for ease of movement.

The Nikken Kenkotherm far-infrared wraps are available for the major joints in the body – wrist, elbow, knee and ankle – as well as a new wrap for the lower back. Far-infrared material absorbs ambient energy, mostly ambient light and heat, and reflects it back into your body in the far-infrared spectrum to heat the area from the inside out.

The Kenkotherm Wraps

Kenkotherm Elbow Wrap – A far-infrared wrap for the elbow. It is a sleeve that slips up your arm until it covers your elbow. It should be a little tight to provide support but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. Be sure to verify your size before you order.

size length width circumference
Medium 9″ 3.5″ 9″-11″
Large 9″ 4″ 10″-13″

Kenkotherm Knee Wrap – The Nikken knee wrap is a far-infrared sock that slips up your leg until it covers your knee. It is a little larger at the top than at the bottom. As a far-infrared knee support it should be snug to provide support and it provides a gentle warming feel.

size length top width bottom width top circumference bottom circumference
Medium 10″ 5.5″ 4.5″ 12″-14.5″ 10″-13″
Large 10″ 6″ 5″ 13″-17″ 11″-15″
X-Large 10.5″ 7″ 6″ 15″-18″ 13″-16″

Kenkotherm Ankle Wrap – You pull the far-infrared ankle wrap on like a sock so that part of it is over your ankle and part around your foot. Your heel goes through the opening in the middle. It provides far-infrared temperature regulation to the area around your ankle.

size length width circumference
Medium 8.75″ 3.5″ 7.5″-10″
Large 8.75″ 3.75″ 8″-11″

Kenkotherm Wrist Wrap – This far-infrared wrap slides on over your hand and sits around your wrist to provide far-infrared temperature regulation to your wrist.

size length width circumference
Medium 4.5″ 3″ 8″-10″
Large 4.75″ 3.25″ 8.5″-11.5″

Kenkotherm Headband – A far-infrared headband that will help your head stay cooler when it is hot and warmer when it is cold.

size length width circumference
One Size 8″ 2.25″ 20″-28″

Kenkotherm Back Belt – The far-infrared back belt straps on around your waist and provides a gentle warming effect from the far-infrared material. It also includes a pocket to hold the Kenko MagFlex back magnet.

size length width
Medium 38″ 6.5″
Large 42″ 6.5″
X-Large 46″ 6.5″

How to Order the Nikken Kenkotherm Wraps

You can order any of the Kenkotherm wraps by clicking on the picture of the item below. That will take you to the order page where you can add it to your cart and then go to checkout.


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2 Responses to Kenkotherm Wraps

  1. diane broad says:

    i need to know if you have eny surport bandages for muscle injury to tops of leg

    • Hi Diane. Thanks for the comment and question. I cannot say that any of Nikken’s products are for “injuries” because that would be a medical claim and I am not a doctor. Nikken may have something to help with muscle “discomfort” though depending on where the discomfort is. You are in the UK, outside of my market area, so I have limited knowledge of the products that are available to you there and the catalog I have access to for the UK is out of date. Again, depending on where the discomfort is, the Kenko Mini, Kenko Flex, or some Kenko PowerPatches may be your best choice.

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