Nikken Shampoo and Conditioner

Update: Nikken has discontinued the True Elements shampoo and conditioner and it is no longer available.

The Nikken shampoo and conditioner have magnetic properties for healthier hair without some of the harmful chemicals and artificial colors in other brands.

True Elements Shampoo and Conditioner

Nikken just expanded their True Elements skin care line to include hair care. True Elements Shampoo and True Elements Conditioner are now available in 12 fl oz bottles.

The Nikken Shampoo and Conditioner include natural ingredients and leave out the potentially harmful chemicals that many commercial hair care products contain. The result is a healthy shampoo and conditioner that are good for your hair and scalp.

Why Nikken Shampoo and Conditioner?

There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners available on the market. So why would Nikken bother to enter that market? They think they have a formula that is much more healthy for your hair. And of course they added something uniquely Nikken – their magnetic technology.

True Elements Shampoo and Conditioner do not contain all those chemicals that get shortened to 3 or 4 letter acronyms like DEA, MEA or PEG for example. They don’t contain the artificial colors or fragrances. Just because your shampoo is purple and smells like a field of daisies after a morning rain doesn’t mean that it cleans any better. It might actually be worse.

What is Nikken’s Technology All About?

Nikken’s technology combines magnetic energy and other materials to create an environment that helps your body to relax and recharge so that you feel great.

Nikken combines those materials all the time in their other products. The Kenko PowerChip, the magnetic insoles and PowerBand sports bands for example all contain the technology. I had no idea Nikken could put them in a shampoo and conditioner.

Since the Nikken shampoo does contain magnetic properties, there is a warning label for anyone with a battery-operated implant, like a pacemaker. I bet you never thought you would see that kind of warning on a shampoo bottle. They also caution any pregnant women in their first trimester.

Magnetic Shampoo and Conditioner? For Real?

Yes, the Nikken shampoo and conditioner contain magnetic particles.

The shampoo and conditioner both contain iron oxide, more commonly known as rust, which can carry a magnetic charge. Nikken’s product description says that the magnetic particles “provide mechanical stimulation and movement in the shampoo and conditioner to help provide a long lasting deep clean.”

My Thoughts About the Nikken Shampoo and Conditioner

I was curious when Nikken first announced that they had a magnetic shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used Nikken products for years, so I’m used to the magnets, but in a shampoo?

Then I needed to know how they would affect me. I use a magnet for at least a few hours at a time. I spend the whole night sleeping on my magnetic mattress topper. Shampoo and conditioner only stay in my hair for a few minutes. Is that long enough for it to have any lasting effect? To be honest, I was doubtful.

My First Impression

Of course, the only way to know is to try it out for myself, so I bought some Nikken shampoo and conditioner. I thought for sure when I opened the bottles that the stuff would be red. It has iron oxide in it, so why not? Sadly it’s gray, which actually is a good thing. Any shampoo or conditioner that you buy is probably gray until they add the artificial colors to it. Nikken doesn’t add any, so it’s a nice, rich gray color.

I didn’t really notice anything special about the shampoo the first time I used it. It’s shampoo. Something did happen with the conditioner though. It made my whole scalp tingle, and it continued to tingle for a few minutes after I rinsed it out. It was very nice.

After using it for a couple months

I’ve used the shampoo for a couple months now and I think I’m hooked. The tingling sensation has diminished a little bit but it is still there.

The most notable thing is that my dandruff is gone. I’ve had dandruff for years. I could simulate a blizzard by shaking my head and my shoulders always looked like I had just been out in the snow. I didn’t notice the change until I was reading an article about dandruff and noticed there weren’t any flakes on the table around me. Maybe that seems a little gross to some people, but it was pretty exciting for me.

I believe that the shampoo and condition have stimulated my scalp (the tingling) improving the health of my skin and my hair. To be completely honest, I can’t say that it is all because of the Nikken shampoo and conditioner. I really have no idea. I have increased the amount of water that I drink regularly too because of a kidney stone episode.

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