Do Your Pollen Allergies Slow You Down?

I have pollen allergies, always have and probably always will.

It is finally Spring here and the temperatures have warmed up significantly. We have had our windows open all day and all night for the past 4 days or so to take advantage of the nice weather. I don’t know why, but right after lunch today I came back to my desk and my pollen allergies hit hard. The whole burning, itching eyes thing.

I wrote a blog post before, probably this time last year, about how barley grass helps me manage my allergies. Well, I haven’t been the best at keeping up with taking my nutritional supplements, so my body was unprepared to handle the pollen today. I went ahead and took some of my Jade GreenZymes and promised myself that I would start taking it 3 times a day for the next couple months until the pollen has passed for the most part.

After drinking it down I was pleasantly surprised to find the the itching started to subside within a few minutes and was pretty much gone after about 30 minutes.

I refuse to let my allergies slow me down, so I’m glad that I have something to take care of it that doesn’t require a prescription. Obviously I cannot promise that everyone will have the same results, but since the stuff is food and not a drug, it probably won’t hurt to try.

Wayne Woodworth
Lovin’ the grass in the Spring!

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