Kenzen Mega Daily 4

Nikken Nutritional SupplementsHave you ever taken a look at the label for Nikken’s Kenzen Mega Daily 4 nutritional supplements? They have packed a lot of stuff in there.

There are different formulas for men and for women to address our biological differences. The men’s formula has additional ingredients to support prostate health, things like turmeric powder, alpha lipoic acid, and saw palmetto. The women’s formula has red clover and dong quai extract for natural hormone support.

Kenzen Mega Daily 4 is the closest thing that Nikken has to a multivitamin and is generally treated as such. Most of Nikken’s nutritional supplements target body systems, not a specific vitamin or mineral. The Mega Daily 4 supplement is in the core system along with Jade GreenZymes and Ciaga to provide the basics for the entire body to function better.

Both formulas of Kenzen Mega Daily 4 contain all of the usual vitamins and minerals that you would expect from a multivitamin as well as some of the other nutrients that have become popular over the past few years, like lutein, lycopene, and glutathione.

Like the rest of Nikken’s nutritional supplements, most of the ingredients are easily recognized by us and our bodies as food. The ingredients include vegetables like alfalfa, spinach, barley, parsley, green tea, garlic powder, and cranberry. It is important to me that the ingredients are recognizable foods and not just a long list of unreadable chemicals.

See the labels and see for yourself: Kenzen Mega Daily 4 for Men and Kenzen Mega Daily 4 for Women.

You can find the price and order Kenzen Mega Daily 4 here.

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