How Do Magnets Work On The Body?

I started reading Healing With Magnets by Gary Null, Ph.D. and found an interesting theory about how magnets work on the body.

No Pure Magnetic Fields

The book talks about Dr. William Pawluk M.D., M.Sc. who says there is no proof that magnet users are being exposed to only one polarity and he questions the existence of a purely north or south field. Dr. Pawluk says that if you use a magnetometer to measure the magnetic field at the edge of a magnet you can detect one polarity then move out a half inch and detect the opposite polarity. There is no point in space where the south pole ends and the north pole begins.

That makes sense to me. A magnet is a material where all of the molecules are in alignment with the positive charge pointing one way and the negative pointing the other. In you were to cut a magnet in half you would have two magnets, albeit weaker than the original. You could keep cutting the magnet into smaller and smaller magnets. The point is that each molecule in a magnet is a magnet itself with a north and a south pole. Therefore, there is a south pole field immediately below the surface of the north end of the magnet and it can extend out from the side of the magnet.

How Do Magnetic Fields Affect the Body

Dr. Pawluk goes on to say that magnets may actually create their effect because of the change in polarity. This may explain why pulsed magnetic fields can be so effective in healing. The FDA has approved pulsed magnetic fields for healing bone fractures that won’t heal well on their own. Wind is caused by variances in air pressure and electricity flows due to variances in electrical potential, so maybe magnets cause an energy flow due to variances in the magnetic fields they create.

Nikken’s magnetic products are all mixed poles, which create significant variations in the overall magnetic field that the devices create. The biaxial magnetic device, the Power Mag, uses spinning magnets that create a stronger pulsing magnetic field similar to pulsed magnetic field devices.


I am not a doctor and I don’t work for Nikken, so I don’t claim that Nikken’s devices will do anything other than create a magnetic field and I don’t claim that the resulting magnetic field will do anything for you. If you are pregnant or use an implanted battery-powered device ( like a pacemaker ) consult your doctor before using any magnetic devices on your body. I personally use Nikken’s magnets and I love them. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I may earn some income if you purchase something through the links in this post. If you would like to earn some additional income from magnets then please find out more about working with me.

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Wayne Woodworth

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