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What to Do When You Are Cold at Night

The weather has been absolutely crazy this summer. The nights in my part of Georgia have been down in the 50s and 60s. So you need to know what to do when you are cold.

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How to Get Great Tasting Water

Everyone keeps telling you that you need to drink water. Just about everything else is bad for you, but the problem is the taste. Water just tastes bad. If only you knew how to get great tasting water.

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Is Magnetic Jewelry Safe to Wear?

You can find magnetic jewelry just about everywhere these days. You might even find some cheap magnetic jewelry at a kiosk at the mall. The first question on your mind might be, is magnetic jewelry safe to wear?

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Does Your Butt go Numb in the Car?

Summer is here and it is time for some summer road trips. There’s nothing more exciting than jumping in the car and heading somewhere fun, right? There’s only one problem. Without comfortable car seats your butt goes numb from sitting … Continue reading

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Are You Really Hungry?

Are you always hungry? Makes it very hard to lose weight, doesn’t it? The real question is, are you really hungry? Your body gives you several signals during the day. Sometimes your body tells you that you’re thirsty and other times … Continue reading

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Is It Healthy To Go Outside?

Is it healthy to go outside? That’s a question that I saw recently. Is that a concern you have? It isn’t really all that surprising. We constantly hear about the dangers of sun exposure and air pollution. They tell us … Continue reading

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Does Alkaline Water Really Make a Difference?

You hear all this talk about filtered water, purified water, alkaline water, and so on. Does any of it really mean anything? After all, you just want some water that tastes good when you’re thirsty, right? When you go to … Continue reading

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Magnets Block Harmful Electromagnetic Fields, Right?

Can a magnetic sleep system (magnetic mattress pad and magnetic blanket), a magnetic sleeping bag or any magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields? I received a comment from a potential customer on one of my pages this morning. She said she … Continue reading

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Are Magnetic Mattress Pads Safe?

Have you heard that you will sleep better on a magnetic mattress pad? Do you have some concerns, though? They’re expensive so you want to be sure that you are making a wise investment in something that will actually help you, … Continue reading

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Sleep On a Magnetic Mattress Pad? For Real?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Are you more tired in the morning than when you went to bed? I completely understand you. I used to be the same way. Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad is one … Continue reading

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