How To Stay Warm This Winter

How to stay warm this winter with far-infrared technologyIt is winter in the US, Canada and the rest of the northern hemisphere and there is still plenty of time for cold weather. Do you know how to stay warm this winter?

Most people I know just crank up the heat in their homes and make large monthly contributions to the electric and gas companies. Aside from spending too much money, you are paying to heat areas of your house that aren’t being used.

Why You Get Cold

We humans are warm-blooded. Your blood is heated in your core and carries that warmth throughout your body to keep you feeling warm. Your muscles also produce heat as they contract. That’s why your body shivers when you are cold. The small contractions produce heat inside your body.

You get cold because you radiate your heat out through your skin and through your breath. You warm the space around you. When your environment is too cold though, you lose too much heat and you get cold.


Adding layers of material help you to keep more of your heat. Layers of fat under your skin help. That works for many animals, but we all want to be skinny, so we need something else.

Most people go for layers of clothing and blankets to keep from losing heat. They work great. Each layer keeps a certain amount of heat inside, so the more layers you pile on, the warmer you are.

How to Stay Warm – Far-Infrared Blankets and Clothing

If you want to know how to stay warm this winter then you need to know about far-infrared blankets and clothing. Far-infrared blankets are much better than regular blankets to keep you warm.

What is Far-Infrared?

Infrared energy is the frequency of light waves just below the visible light spectrum and far-infrared waves are the waves at the lowest end of the infrared range.  Near-infrared is the energy used in heat lamps and mid-infrared is used in communication devices like TV remotes.  Neither of these penetrate very far below the skin.  Far-Infrared energy reaches the deepest and brings in nurturing heat along with it.  Far-Infrared is the energy behind the warmth we feel from the sun, even on cold winter days.

Special fibers in a far-infrared blanket absorb ambient energy, like light and the heat that you radiate out. They store that energy and when they get full they emit it back out toward you as far-infrared energy. It penetrates your skin and helps you stay warmer than you would with a regular blanket.

I sleep under a lightweight far-infrared blanket all year long. It works great at keeping me warm in the winter, but not too warm during the summer.

How to Stay Warm in the Daytime

Far-infrared blankets are great for sleep or when you watch TV on the couch, but you want to stay warm during the daytime too and blankets are too cumbersome to wear outdoors.

There have been many kinds of far-infrared clothing available over the years. What’s important to me is how to keep my hands and feet warm when it’s cold outside.

Nikken has some new far-infrared gloves that will help keep your hands warm. The gloves also offer mild compression to help with any joint discomfort or swelling that you may have.

Far-infrared socks are one of my favorite pieces of far-infrared clothing. Your feet always seem to be either too warm or too cold. Good far-infrared clothing doesn’t just keep you warm, it helps to regulate temperature so you stay just right.

I have a massage therapist friend who uses far-infrared socks while he’s working. He said that he used to have to change socks 2 or 3 times a day because his feet would sweat so much during a massage session. The far-infrared socks made it so that he could get through his day with only one pair of socks.

Have You Tried Far-Infrared Blankets and Clothing?

When people ask me how to stay warm I always go to far-infrared blankets and clothing. It has worked for me for several years.

So, how do you stay warm during the winter? Do you just crank up the heat and send all of your money to the gas and electric companies? Let me know in a comment below.

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Disclaimer: I am a distributor for the far-infrared blankets and clothing that I use. I may earn a commission if you order anything through the links on this page.

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