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Nikken Watch
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The Nikken NOTE 4/2016 The Nikken watch has been discontinued and is on sale for 50% off while supplies last. All sales are final on discontinued items. Nikken will not accept any returns.

TriPhase Ambassador Watch is an attractive watch that incorporates Nikken’s magnetic (700-800 gauss), negative ion and far-infrared technologies. Everything you expect from a Nikken sport bracelet incorporated into a stylish timepiece.

The watch incorporates accurate Japanese quartz movement and is shockproof and water resistent to 30 meters. Two 700-800 gauss magnets are attached to the watchband and the negative and far-infrared materials are permanently attached to the back of the watch casing.

What makes the Nikken Watch so special?

The watch and watchband incorporate the elements of Nikken’s triphase technology. In other words, they combine the effects of magnetic, far-infrared and negative ion producing materials – just like the Powerband bracelets and works better with business or casual dress.

Nikken is known for magnetics. The magnets are worked into the watchband so that they don’t affect the function of the watch. There are two 750 (+/- 50) gauss magnets set into the watch band.

The negative ion and far-infrared materials are attached to the back of the watch itself. I did a quick search and found several negative ion watches, but they were sports watches. Like I said above, this is a classically-styled watch appropriate for places other than the gym.

Note: This is a limited edition item. The last time Nikken made a limited-edition watch available it sold out very fast.

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