Nikken Kinetic Tape

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What is KenkoTherm DUK Tape?

Nikken Kinetic Tape There is now a Nikken kinetic tape that you can use to help enhance your athletic performance and reduce recovery time. It works like any other kinetic tape on the market except for one key difference – this is Nikken kinetic tape. That means that it has active energy technologies built in to improve its performance. In this case it has far-infrared and negative ion technologies.

Far-infrared fibers absorb ambient energies, like sunlight and excess body heat, and reflect it back to you as far-infrared energy. Unlike other heat sources, far-infrared energy reaches deep under your skin to heat your body from the inside out unlike something like a heating pad that heats from the outside in. Your muscles and joints get the heating effect without your skin getting too hot first.

The negative ions from the DUK tape help to soothe, relax and energize your muscles and joints.

Order your KenkoTherm DUK Tape directly from Nikken here.

What You Need to Know About the Nikken Kinetic Tape

DUK Tape stands for Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic Tape. As with other kinetic tape, DUK Tape has a low profile and is non-binding so that you can easily wear it under your clothing. It is elastic, so it stretches as you move, and is made from breathable cotton for comfort. DUK Tape is different from other kinetic tapes because it has dynamic properties brought by the far-infrared and negative ion technologies built into it. KenkoTherm DUK Tape is also water resistant.

  • 100% cotton
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Tape is 2 inches (5 cm) wide
  • Roll contains 98 inches (2.5 m) of tape
  • Far-infrared technology for gentle warming
  • Negative ion technology

KenkoTherm DUK Tape is available as a single roll or in a pack of 7 rolls for the price of 6. Order your Nikken DUK Tape directly from Nikken here.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

Caution: Do not stretch the tape any tighter than is comfortable. Doing so can result in excessive binding or injury. Nikken recommends that you use the tape only for its intended purpose as instructed – any use on other parts of the body or in a manner inconsistent with the instructions can result in injury and is at your sole risk. Discontinue use if the product causes soreness, redness or irritation. The provided instructions are for common applications. If you are unsure about your specific application, please consult a sports trainer or athletic support professional for guidance. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.

I am an independent Nikken distributor. I may earn income if you place an order through this website. Nikken’s products are only available through independent distributors like me.

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