Far-Infrared Product History

Discontinued Far-Infrared Items

Nikken has incorporated their far-infrared technology in a variety of products over the years ranging from support wraps to blankets to clothing to jewelry. The history of discontinued items is shown below. Current far-infrared items are all available here.

KenkoTherm Far-Infrared Support Wraps

Far-Infrared Support Wraps
On November 1, 2012 Nikken introduced a new KenkoTherm far-infrared back belt that you can find here.

Far-Infrared Socks

You can see the currently available far-infrared sport socks here.

Far-Infrared Long Johns

Nikken doesn’t currently have any far-infrared long johns available. I will update this if new ones are available again.

Far-Infrared Outerwear

KenkoWave Far-Infrared Treatment System

Far-Infrared Therapy
If you are looking for a KenkoWave device, I have one that has only been used twice. I may also have access to a few more. Call or email me and we’ll figure something out. My contact info is at the top right corner of this page.

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