Lactoferrin: What Is It? What Does It Do? Where Do You Get It?

Lactoferrin is an essential protein found in milk. What are the benefits of lactoferrin?I’m amazed by all of the questions that I see asking about lactoferrin.

  • What is lactoferrin?
  • What is lactoferrin for?
  • What are the benefits of taking lactoferrin?
  • Is lactoferrin good for you?
  • Where do you get lactoferrin?

I’m going to spend a few minutes explaining what lactoferrin is and answer each of these questions.

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Can Magnets Help You Sleep?

Magnets can help the body to relax and re-energize.I get a lot of questions about using magnets to help your body. In this post I want to answer some of the questions that I receive about using magnets to help you sleep. There are several companies that sell magnetic mattress pads, blankets and pillows. People want to know how to use them, what benefits you can expect, are they safe?

I have been sleeping with a magnetic mattress pad, blanket and pillow for ten years, so I will share from my own experience.

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Are Magnets Just a Placebo?

Are magnets truly effective or are they just a placebo?This is a question that I get a lot. You might think that I would get tired of it eventually, but I don’t. I really love this question because there is so much tied up in it.

  • What is a placebo?
  • Is a placebo really a bad thing?
  • Do magnets work?
  • What do magnets do for the body?
  • Are magnets safe for the body?
  • Are magnets just a placebo?

I’m going to look at these questions, give you my take on them, and then you can decide what you think.

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Do You Know Where Your Drinking Water Comes From?

Your drinking water can come from many places, not all of them good. What can you do about it?I think by now everyone knows how important it is to drink water every day. Water plays a significant role in just about every process that takes place in your body. Staying properly hydrated is necessary for delivering nutrition to the cells in your body and carrying away the waste, for your muscles to contract properly, and for you to be able to think clearly.

We know that we live on a planet that is abundant in water, but most of it is in the oceans and is far too salty to drink. We require fresh water, most of which is frozen in the icecaps or closed away underground. The USGS has a great image that shows how much water is actually on our planet and how much of it is available for us. I didn’t put the picture here because the text description of the image is valuable too.

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How To Choose the Best Water Filter for You

Choosing the best water filter is a challenging taskOkay, so you need a water filter. You’re on a city water supply and the stuff coming out of your tap absolutely reeks of chlorine, and doesn’t taste very good either. Maybe you’ve read about how dangerous chlorine is. After all, it was put into your water supply to kill stuff, so why would it stop killing just because it is no longer in the pipe?

You’ve probably also tried bottled water.

Some of those taste just as bad.

Some are just filtered city water.

Some are more expensive than gasoline.

They all come in cheap plastic bottles that leach chemicals into the water.

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What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Insoles?

Nikken has three kinds of magnetic insoles that will help you feel better by taking care of your feet.One of my followers on Twitter recently asked me what are the benefits of magnetic insoles? Instead of limiting my answer to just 140 characters, I decided to answer that question here where I can cover it a little better.

What Are Magnetic Insoles?

Magnetic insoles are inserts for your shoes that contain magnets.

There have been many different companies that have made magnetic insoles in the past, and they are all different. Most of the ones that I have looked at only have a few magnetic nodes and they are spaced widely apart. They do not give your foot good magnetic coverage over the entire surface.

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Moving From the Aqua Pour to the PiMag Waterfall

The old Nikken water filter, the PiMag Aqua Pour, is a great water filter, but not as good as the newer PiMag WaterfallAs I said in my last post, I became a Nikken customer and distributor almost ten years ago. One of those many boxes in the picture on that post held my brand new PiMag Aqua Pour gravity water filter. It was great. It held plenty of clean, alkaline water for my family of four. Fortunately, we had plenty of room in our kitchen for it because it was rather large. It was round with a ten inch diameter and almost 2 feet tall. It took up some space and wasn’t going to fit on a countertop under the upper level of cupboards.

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I Was a Nikken Customer Before I Was a Nikken Distributor

My daughter playing in my first Nikken orderI was looking for a picture a few days ago on an old backup drive and stumbled across a picture from almost 10 years ago. The picture is of a pile of boxes that UPS left on our front step after my wife and I signed up as distributors with Nikken. Ok, the picture is actually of my daughter playing in the packing peanuts from one of the many boxes. Still, it was our first order. While I was officially signed up as a distributor, I was essentially a wholesale customer for most of the first two years I was with Nikken. I had the big order my first month then followed it up with a much smaller autoship order to get our nutritional supplements every month afterward.

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They’re Back, Saved By the New Low Prices

There have been a lot of changes at Nikken in the past few monthsIn December I wrote a post about some of the recent changes at Nikken – new products, lower prices, and a few discontinued items. I was really surprised when I saw the items that were discontinued last November, especially three of them – the KenkoAir Purifier, the KenkoLight and the MagCreator. Two of them represented the closing out of two whole product categories. I’m glad to see that those decisions all appear to have been reversed. They have all been saved by the new lower prices.

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Nikken Nutritional Supplements at 25% Off

A Nikken autoship order will save you 25% every month on your Nikken nutritional supplementsFor the past few months Nikken has been making changes to make it easier (less expensive) for people to get their products. Nikken has amazing products that have helped people feel and function better for many years. The barrier for many people has been the price. In my previous post I wrote about how Nikken has lowered their prices making it easier for people who have never experienced the benefits of magnets to get one of the magnetic devices and see how well they work. Read more about how Wellness Magnets Just Became Affordable.

This time I want to talk about the Nikken nutritional supplements. Like the magnets, the price of most of the nutritional supplements has come down. The less expensive ones stayed the same, the moderately priced ones came down a little, and the most expensive ones came down a lot. There is one case where the price actually went up. That was on Bergisterol, the one supplement that I make certain to have every day. Still, when I add up the total of the supplements that I use, the total is much lower than it was before the price change.

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